A Leader in Innovative Pharmacy Care.

We are a leader in providing innovative pharmacy care, with roots in traditional pharmacy dating back more than 50 years. As pioneers of the central dispensing model, we believe patient health is essential; and is achieved through attentive customer care. By changing the traditional model, Alliance Pharmacy can introduce cost-saving measures and time-saving services that bring a better pharmacy experience to people all across Canada.

Change Agents

Times are changing and how we live and manage our lives is also changing. Change can provide fresh new ways of doing things including health care- so why not how we get our medicine?

Here’s a sample of some great companies and organizations which have embraced change and have made us their preferred pharmacy.

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The Path to Innovation

They say that it’s not the destination but the journey that matters. Ours has been an exciting one of thinking outside of the box, of finding ways to deliver cost savings, greater convenience, access and helping patients take the right medications when they need to - and we’re just hitting our stride.

Long-Term Care & Residential Care

Pioneered compliance packaging and use of computers in pharmacy operations in Ontario.

Serviced over 75 long-term care and other residential care settings across Ontario by dispensing prescriptions centrally and couriered daily.

Veterinary Clinics

Opened a fully accredited pharmacy based in Ontario.

Serving thousands of veterinary clinics across Canada by dispensing prescriptions centrally by express courier delivery.

2010 Alliance Pharmacy Group (APG)

APG begins operations in Aurora, Ontario featuring robotic dispensing technology as well as free express overnight delivery.

As with our other pharmacy operations, APG utilizes a central dispensing model that serves Plan Sponsors and patients across Canada.

Be a part of our evolution and get started today.

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Let's Build An Alliance

Together, we can live healthy

Alliance Pharmacy is here to help you achieve a healthy life because we know that it’s more than just taking your medicine. Go ahead and ask us how.