Privacy Policy

Alliance Pharmacy Group (APG) respects the privacy rights of our patients and customers and is committed to protecting the person information we collect from you. This policy describes the personal information we collect, how we use that information, when we might have to disclose it, how we keep it safe and how you can access and correct it if necessary.

Unless stated otherwise, all references to “APG” in this Policy include Alliance Pharmacy Group Inc. (an Ontario corporation), 10028203 Manitoba Ltd. (a Manitoba corporation), and APGRX Inc. (a British Columbia corporation), our East, Central and West locations, respectively, and each of their respective agents, affiliates, representatives and third party service providers

This Policy applies to all commercial dealings a User conducts with APG that result in collection of the User’s Personal Information by APG, including pharmacy and retail services, be it in person, by fax, by email, by phone, via APG’s website (, and/or APG’s mobile application.

As used herein, “Applicable Law” refers to present and future laws, statutes, regulations, treaties, judgments and decrees, and all applicable official directives, rules, consents, approvals, authorizations, guidelines, orders, standards of practice, standards of operation, standards of accreditation, by-laws and policies, or any similar document, of any governmental authority, including a provincial body regulating pharmacies and pharmacists, as the same may be amended from time to time.

As used herein, “Personal Information” refers to information provided by a User to APG. A User may provide APG with their Personal Information through APG’s website or mobile application, by fax, and/or via other means of correspondence (e.g., in person, email, text, or telephone correspondence) with licensed personnel of APG (e.g., an APG pharmacist or other APG staff duly authorized to correspond with Users and collect their Personal Information). Personal Information may include, without limitation, a User’s name, date of birth, physical address, and email address. Personal Information also may include a User’s personal health information, such as the User’s prescription records, medical records, and/or health insurance data (if applicable).

As used herein, “Prescription Services” refers to APG’s management of prescription medications on behalf of a User, which may include, without limitation, receiving prescriptions from a medical professional on behalf of the User, counselling the User regarding a medication prescribed to the User, and/or filling a prescription for the User.

As used herein, a “User” is an individual that receives APG’s Prescription Services and/or purchases Wellness Essentials from APG.

As used herein, “Wellness Essentials” refers to non-prescription products, such as over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and other products that may be offered for sale by APG, whether sold from APG’s physical storefront or via APG’s website and/or mobile application.

Collection of Personal and Other Information

Enrolling in and/or receiving Prescription Services from APG will require Users to provide certain Personal Information to APG. Purchasing Wellness Essentials offered for sale by APG may require Users to provide certain Personal Information to APG, particularly when such purchases are made through APG’s website and/or mobile application. APG limits the collection of Personal Information to that which is required to accomplish the purpose for which it is being collected.

When a User accesses APG’s website and/or mobile application for the purpose of receiving Prescription Services and/or to purchase Wellness Essentials, the User is required to provide express consent (by way of accepting APG’s Terms and Conditions for web/mobile access) for APG to collect, use, store, and disclose the Personal Information provided by the User. If a User decides to withdraw his or her consent for APG to collect, use, store, and disclose their Personal Information, APG still will have to comply with all Applicable Law that requires it to keep records relating to any medication that it dispensed to the User. If a User chooses to not give APG consent to collect, use, store, and disclose certain Personal Information, APG may not be able to provide that User with APG’s full range of pharmacy services.

In addition to Personal Information, APG also may collect the following information from Users that access and use APG’s website and/or mobile application.

A. IP Address

APG may record the Internet Protocol (IP) address of Users. The IP address does not identify Users personally, but does allow APG to maintain communication with Users as they move about APG’s website and/or mobile application.

B. Cookies

APG also may collect User information through cookies or similar technology. A “cookie” is a unique numeric code that is transferred to a device (e.g., tablet, phone, or computer) that enables the transferor to keep track of the interests and preferences of the transferee, as well as recognize the transferee as a return visitor to a website. Use of cookie technology allows APG to collect “clickstream” data, which reflects a User’s activities, including the User’s interest in certain healthcare conditions. A cookie does not collect or keep a User’s name or other personal identifying information, but does allow APG to provide Users with the content and features likely to be of greatest interest to them based on their previous activities.

C. Location

APG also may collect and use the geo-location information of Users. This means that APG may use GPS or similar technology to identify a User’s current location. Users can turn off geo-location services in their device settings.

How APG Uses Personal Information

APG may use Personal Information for a variety of purposes including, without limitation, to:

  • provide Users with healthcare-related services from any of our locations;
  • communicate with the people involved in Users’ care (e.g., medical practitioners);
  • communicate with the people involved in the payment for Users’ care (e.g., insurance carriers);
  • communicate health-related education to Users;
  • communicate healthcare and pharmacy-related information regarding a User between our locations;
  • process User payments;
  • communicate with Users about APG products and services;
  • provide Users with promotions and other non-pharmacy-related activities; and
  • manage its business.

When APG Might Disclose Personal Information

APG will only disclose Personal Information to undertake the uses outlined above, with consent of a User, in life-threatening situations, or when the law requires disclosure (e.g., in response to a valid search warrant, court order, or regulatory investigation).

User Access to and Correction of Personal Information

Each User is permitted access to all Personal Information APG has recorded with respect to that User, and is permitted to correct/edit such Personal Information where circumstances dictate and in accordance with Applicable Law. APG’s website and mobile application allow Users to view their Personal Information and edit certain Personal Information. Editing of some Personal Information may require the User to contact APG directly. APG may charge a reasonable fee for providing Users with copies of their Personal Information, if requested in an alternate format.

Users can limit or rescind access to the Personal information that is available on APG’s website and/or mobile application by contacting APG at any time.

Understanding Risk

APG complies with all applicable federal, provincial and local laws, rules and regulations concerning the privacy and security of Personal Information provided to APG by Users, including, without limitation, the requirements of federal and provincial private sector and health sector privacy legislation.

To this end, APG has implemented physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard all User Personal Information in its possession and to help prevent unauthorized access to such Personal Information. APG also has clearly defined internal policies and practices for protection of Personal Information. APG applies security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the Personal Information, such as retaining Personal Information in secure facilities and making Personal Information accessible only to authorized APG employees on a need-to-know basis.

User Personal Information is stored on APG’s database servers and/or hosted by third parties who have entered into agreements with APG that require them to adhere to Applicable Law and to observe APG’s Personal Information protection policies. Data centers are designed to be physically secure and protected from unauthorized access by unauthorized persons.

How APG Protects User Privacy

APG complies with all applicable federal, provincial and local laws, rules and regulations concerning the privacy and security of Personal Information provided to APG by Users, including, without limitation, the requirements of federal and provincial private sector and health sector privacy legislation.

APG strongly recommends that Users implement security measures when using our mobile application on devices such as phones and tablets to ensure that Personal Information is not accessible to someone other than the User that might gain access to the User’s device.

APG Contact Information

Users with questions or concerns about this Policy should not hesitate to contact APG directly by any of the means below:

  • By Toll-Free Telephone: 1.877.796.7979
  • By Toll-Free Fax: 1-877-835-8329
  • Via APG’s “Contact Us” page, which can be accessed by clicking here
  • In writing: ATTN: Designated Pharmacy Manager, 20 Furbacher Lane Unit 2, Aurora, ON L4G 6W1