COVID-19 Update March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020



We hope you are well and everyone is practicing social distancing to stay safe during these unprecedented times. We understand our patients are anxious and concerned about access to their prescription medications. We wanted you to know our pharmacy team is working very hard to manage the significant influx of call volumes and inquiries. Your patience is appreciated.


We have summarized the most recent announcements from Canada Post and FedEx with regards to new protocols for parcel delivery and how it affects Alliance Pharmacy services.


• Service guarantees are suspended

• Post office and pick-up location hours of service will be reduced

• Parcels will be held for an extended period at post office and pick-up locations

• Door Delivery
-- Knock, drop and go approach will be implemented
-- In some cases, a package may be routed directly to a pick-up location and a delivery notice card may be left at the door OR in your mailbox/community box


Our suggestion for optimal service:


Preferred: Delivery direct to post office or FedEx Hold Location
Our staff can help with finding a pick-up location near you and ship directly to that specific location.


Alternative: Home Delivery
• We understand if you are in isolation or vulnerable and would prefer not to venture out to pick-up, the home delivery option is ideal.
• With the knock, drop and go approach we ask you to stay alert to deliveries and immediately safeguard your packages.
• Tracking inquiries are very challenging at this time as delivery providers are overwhelmed with increased shipment volumes.
• Please be aware, in the event of a missing package we will do our best to try and accommodate replacements on a case by case basis.


Our team remains committed to making your health and wellness our priority.


Stay safe.

The Alliance Pharmacy Team