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Simplicity and Convenience.

There’s no doubt that managing your prescriptions online and having them delivered right to your door (whether at home or at work anywhere in Canada*) the next business day is a different way of doing things. But we know you’ll soon enjoy the simplicity and convenience.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Create your account online at registration form or by telephone at 1.877.796.7979.

We will help transfer your existing prescriptions from your last pharmacy

Step 2
Dispense and Ship

Our robotic dispensing technology is fast and accurate with our multi-check system. This lets us spend more time on clinical patient services and less time counting and sorting pills.

Step 3
Refill and Renew

We provide refill reminders before you run out and we can call your doctor when your prescription needs to be renewed.

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Signing up takes less than a few minutes.

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Multiple Medications?

MedPack makes medication management easy.

Alliance MedPack is a service unique to Alliance Pharmacy Group. MedPack is especially handy if you or a loved one is prescribed mulitple medications. It really takes any guesswork out of taking the right medication at the right time.

MedPack Sample
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MedPack organizes medications by the doctor’s instructions.

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Medications are sorted based on when they should be taken throughout the day

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Medications are sealed individually in clearly labelled packs.

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Medications are easy to carry and even easier to take when required.