Text message service has been reinstated

December 15, 2020

Text Messages to our Toll-Free number have been Reinstated

We have remedied issues with inbound and outbound text messages to and from our toll-free number. See below for toll-free number by location.


Alliance Pharmacy EAST

Existing Toll-Free
Voice: 1.877.796.7979
Text: 1.877.796.7979
Alliance Pharmacy WEST
Existing Toll-Free
Voice: 1.855.370.7979
Text: 1.855.370.7979


Alternative Support Options


  • - Visit our website at www.AlliancePharmacy.ca and login to manage your prescriptions; or
  • - Use the Support icon available at the bottom right corner of our website; or
  • - Call us during regular business hours Monday - Friday 9-5pm


The Alliance Pharmacy Team